Is there a particular tree in your life you like visiting?

As humans nowadays, we tend to only see trees as pretty natural structures. We vaguely know they’re good for us and that we’re cutting too many of them. Especially in urban contexts, we have almost completely lost our relationship with trees.

Trees give us food, shade, wood, shelter, warmth, clean air, medicine, beauty… They are like magnets that attract wildlife, which leads to always more Life and vibrancy.

And the best thing about them, is that as we don’t take more than they can give, they keep giving and giving and giving. No trade, bargain or business. It’s just how they are.

I strongly feel it is time for us to consciously reintroduce trees into our culture. To start acknowledging them. Depending on them more than on industries. Surrounding ourselves with things that promote more healthy and diverse trees growing rather than being cut down.

Next time you step out of your home take a look around. Notice the trees and what they bring to the place. Then if you see an empty space covered in concrete or grass, imagine a big fruit tree growing there. Wouldn’t it be great to see children climbing, picking fruit? Grandmas making jam? Birds nesting and flying around?


I leave this dream in your powerful minds and wish you many beautiful trees in your lives. 💚

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